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Help us Grow! When you refer a friend or family member, you will earn Kiia points toward earning great rewards - courtesy of Kiia insurance. Please refer to the "Kiia VIP Club" for more info.


Kiia VIP Club

Your referrals help us grow! As part of the Kiia VIP Club, you can earn free stuff at different milestones.


Some of the rewards include Concert tickets, Chiefs & Royals tickets, BBQ Grills, TVs, Cruises...and more!


Milestones are based on how many friends & family or even enemies you refer: 10, 20, 30, 40....They reset if you claim the prize offered at that milestone.

Thanks! Message sent.

To get started, simply click the Facebook share button. Also, become a member using Facebook login on top of the page!

*Milestones Reward chart coming out soon!


We always like to grow our professional network for our clients. If you are interested, please send us a quick note or chat with us. Our clients are always asking us for referrals.

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